"The inspector spent about 3 hours on our small (first!) home--the longer they spend, the better IMO, and I've heard of other inspectors spending 90 minutes or less. He explained everything to us understandably and let my husband follow along with the inspection. He gave recommendations on any areas that needed work complete with the printed, illustrated report. I think they truly care about their clients and quality of work, and again, I can't recommend them enough! "

Diane M.



We will treat every inspection as if we were moving our family into the house we are inspecting. We use the latest in techniques and tools. We undergo no less than 30 hours of continuing education every year as well as stay current with the latest updates in the home building industry. We hold many certifications that are also not required for licensing. We do all this, not because it is necessary to our continued licensing, but to ensure we are giving our customers the very best in home inspection services. 


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hello, i'm mark


I was born and raised in Birmingham Alabama (Cahaba Heights to be specific). I'm not sure when I started apprenticing. My Dad used to say "He started working as soon as he was big enough to hold a caulk gun!" That said, my father was a contractor and his father was a contractor. I have worked in several fields including, electrical, construction, rigging, painting and the list goes on. I've enjoyed all of them. I worked as a custom builder/contractor at a design house for several years. When I left that career I wanted to put all of my experience to use helping people as much as I could. I started Birmingham Home Inspections and here we are.