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the truth about home inspections...

A thorough inspection takes time.

While some inspectors schedule as many as 4 or 5 inspections a day, we schedule a maximum of 2 inspections on any given day to ensure we give every inspection the time it deserves. We generate every report electronically on site. When the inspection is over, we print your report on site, on the same day as the inspection and go over the report with you to make sure you understand it. The report generated this way doesn't only tell you any potential issues with your future home but acts as a reference of all your systems and how they work. We would urge anyone shopping around for a home inspector to ask for a sample report from the prospective inspector. You can view one of my recent reports by clicking here or in the services section of this website.



Our pricing is calculated by square footage of space to be inspected. You can see pricing on the Availability page where you can also schedule your inspection!

-About Me-

I was born and raised in Alabama (Cahaba Heights specifically). I've been in contracting in one way or another since I was big enough to hold a caulk gun. My father and grandfather were also in the business. I spent several years working as a custom builder for a design house before getting married to the love of my life. While thinking about what to do next, I decided I wanted to use the knowledge I had gained from my family and personal contracting ventures (please see credentials) to help people. That's when Birmingham Home Inspections was born. I look forward to serving you and helping to make the most out of your home buying experience.



"The inspector spent about 3 hours on our small (first!) home--the longer they spend, the better IMO, and I've heard of other inspectors spending 90 minutes or less. He explained everything to us understandably and let my husband follow along with the inspection. He gave recommendations on any areas that needed work complete with the printed, illustrated report. I think they truly care about their clients and quality of work, and again, I can't recommend them enough! "

Diane M.

"I had such a great home buying experience. Mark Branson with BHI was part of the smooth process. He did the most thorough inspection on my new home. He detected... several issues but one major issue that we were able to address and resolve with the seller. I have used several home inspectors in the past but Mark takes the business and service to a whole different level. At the end of His inspection I was given a detailed report including pictures. I would highly recommend BHI and Mark Branson to anyone looking to purchase a home!"

Chanda T.

"Mark has done two home inspections for us and I wouldn't use anybody else! His attention to detail is unmatched and I know that he has my family's best interests in mind. Strongly recommend him for your next home inspection."

Calvin G.

Our Promise

We will treat every inspection as if we were moving our family into the house we are inspecting. We use the latest in techniques and tools. We undergo no less than 30 hours of continuing education every year as well as stay current with the latest updates in the home building industry. We hold many certifications that are also not required for licensing. We do all this, not because it is necessary to our continued licensing, but to ensure we are giving our customers the very best in home inspection services.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does an inspection cost?

A: Inspection prices are determined according to square footage. If you would like to price your inspection, please go to the availability section of this site.


Q: How long will it take to get my report?

A: Reports are done electronically on site. We print the report at the end of the inspection and go over it with you if you are present at the inspection. If you aren't present, all reports are available for download at completion of the inspection.


Q: Are you insured? Licensed?

A: Yes to both. We carry a million dollars of E&O as well as liability insurance. We are state licensed and nationally accredited. Please check our credentials here.


Q: How long have you been in the business?

A: I was in contracting in one form or another for fifteen years. I have been inspecting for five and this company has been in business for three.


If you have any other questions, feel free to call me personally on my cell phone at (205) 249-6511

For general scheduling, you can call (205) 236-9018